Collie Art Gallery

 The Collie Art Gallery was opened in 2015 and is the only purpose built, A Class Gallery to be built in WA, since the Art Gallery of WA was opened  in the 1970’s. 

Since opening

The Gallery has been host to many and varied collections of work. With 150 square metres of floor space and an additional studio, the gallery is designed to host exhibitions of national and international significance.

Art Gallery sign - low res

You will find

the Gallery on Throssell St, near the Caltex petrol station. There is plenty of parking and easy access for people with disabilities. Alternate access is via the rail crossing from Central Park and the town centre.

Before entering the gallery, take time to consider the rammed earth construction of the building and the dramatic mirrored artwork out the front, entitled ‘Reflective Regeneration’.

Art Gallery Sculpture Reflective Regeneration

Recent Exhibition

Elemental, Land, Layers, Life by Visual Artist Carol Rowling at the Collie Art Gallery Dec 18 – Jan 19.
These amazing works are created using layers of canvas and an angle grinder and were inspired by the Australian landscape as seen from the air. There is an audio visual presentation with the artist, describing her inspiration and the creative process behind the work on display.

Elemental, Land, Layers, Life by visual artist Carol Rowling - Collie Art Gallery, December 2018

Collie Art Prize

In 2018 the bi-annual Collie Art Prize was offered for the first time and with the biggest cash prize on offer throughout regional Australia, of $50,000, it certainly attracted the attention of artists and art lovers all over the country.

In the first year, over 500 entries were received from all over Australia, showcasing some of the best works from across the country.

Open hours and what’s on

The gallery is open Thursday to Monday between 10 am and 4 pm and to find information about upcoming programs and events go to the Collie Art Gallery website. Most exhibitions are free.

After visiting the Art Gallery, you may also enjoy the Coalfields Museum further west, down Throssell Street opposite the Collie Visitor Centre and if you are interested in rail history there are several old steam locos at the Visitor Centre and another collection at the Bill Weirs Rolling Stock Shed. The Rolling Stock Shed is open Mon, Wed and Fri mornings and can be found at the eastern end of Central Park. The old Collie Railway Station is also open to visitors and offer traditional station lunches and Devonshire teas.

Big Rock – fun for all ages

Big Rock is the second stop along Lennard Drive and offers fun for all the family. You will find it just below The Rapids in Wellington National Park, Collie WA 

The name Big Rock comes from the enormous granite rock that extends all the way from the river bed, across the road and up the hill on the opposite side. It’s difficult to comprehend the scale of this rock from a photograph and the hill is way steeper than it looks here.
In spring the hill is covered with amazing pink wildflowers.
There is a picnic table, but no toilets at this spot. The last flushing toilet is located back at the Kiosk at the Dam and the next one is at Honeymoon Pool.

The pool above the waterfall

The shallow pool above the waterfall is great for younger children to play and splash around in.
On a hot day it’s nice to sit your chair in the shallow water and watch the little ones enjoy themselves, only an arms length away. Remember to always take care with children around water.
There is not much shade at this spot, so if you are planning on staying a while it is a good idea to pack some sort of shelter such as a large umbrella or gazebo.

The pool below the waterfall 

The large pool below the waterfall is deep and cold and great fun for older children and adults who can swim confidently. The amount of water coming over the rocks is dependent on how much water is being released from the dam upstream and if there is enough water coming down, older kids will enjoy sliding down the waterfall on inflatable tubes and other floating contraptions. 


Camping is not allowed at this location, but bush style camping facilities are provided at nearby Potters Gorge and Honeymoon Pool. These sites provide long drop toilets but no showers. Bookings are essential. Click here to book a site.
Full camping facilities including hot showers and all the mod cons are available  at the Collie River Valley Tourist Park just 20 minutes away in the town of Collie.

Minninup Pool – a favourite with locals

Located on a bend on the Collie River, just out of town, Minninup Pool has been a favourite spot to cool off on a hot day for generations. 

There are numerous, shaded picnic tables along the grassy bank where locals and visitors to the area like to sit and enjoy a meal or just take in the scenery.
Unfortunately there are no BBQs provided and fires are not allowed, but you are permitted to bring your own gas BBQ or portable gas stove and cook up a feast. Or keep it simple and grab some take away from town.

Minninup Pool is a day use only area but there are several great options for camping nearby if you want to extend your stay. Go to

Getting there…

Turn onto Mungalup Rd, opposite the Caltex fuel station, and look out for the Minninup Pool sign on your left, just over 2 km down the road.
Follow the winding sealed road for a few hundred metres and the river will open up into a wide pool in front of you. 

Swimming and kayaking

This section of the river is fairly deep making it perfect for swimming and kayaking. It is possible to kayak on calm water for several kilometres in either direction. 

The Amazing Blue Lakes – Stockton Lake and Black Diamond

Collie is home to several amazing blue lakes, but currently only two of them are open to the public; Black Diamond and the bigger but lesser known, Stockton Lake.

The lakes are old open cut coal mines that have since filled with water.  Rimmed with white limestone cliffs and the most amazing blue water they are really quite a stunning sight!

Stockton Lake

Stockton Lake is the bigger, but less known of the two and can be found 10 km east of Collie on the Collie/Darkan Rd.

Camping is permitted and although it does get very busy on school holidays and long weekends, at other times you can often get a spot close to the water.  There is nothing quite like waking up to the amazing view out over the lake.
You don’t need to book and there is plenty of room for the biggest motor homes. Camping fees are collected daily by the ranger. Adults $11, cons $7 and children $3 per person, per night. 

Toilets are provided, but no showers or power, so you do need to be a bit self sufficient. The road is sealed all the way to the campground. Fires are permitted in the cooler weather only. Check the signs at the entrance. Huge fines apply for out of season campfires.

The lake is popular for swimming, kayaking and skiing, although currently the boat ramp is closed and we are unsure when it will be reopened. (People have been launching boats at other locations, but do so at their own risk)

Pets are welcome at Stockton Lake, but it is highly recommended that they are kept on a lead at all times due to 1080 baiting being carried out nearby. 

Black Diamond

Smaller than Stockton Lake, Black Diamond has become one of the most Instagramed places in WA in recent years. The amazing blue water makes the perfect back drop for a selfie or group photo to add to the album.

People do not realize but the eastern half of the lake is on private property and the the land owners right to privacy should be respected.

Black Diamond is a day use only area and anyone setting up camp will be asked to move on and possibly issued a fine. Click here for camping options. Fires are not allowed at any time at Black Diamond.

But…, bring the picnic and the floatie and grab that shot for Instagram! 

If you don’t want to go to the bother of packing your own picnic, Collie has some amazing cafes and pubs where you can grab a light, healthy snack or full on feed. We love The Colliefields, Wagon 537 and the Federal Hotel Collie.

Can you help us?

The increased number of visitors in recent years has put Black Diamond under considerable environmental pressure. Human waste and rubbish left behind, risks contamination to the water and the trampling of areas undergoing re-vegetation is a concern. Here are a few ways you can help take the pressure off the lake.

  • The nearest public toilets can be found at the oval in the nearby town of Allanson; please use them and not the area around the lake.
  • Plan to take all your rubbish home with you or place it in the skip bins provided.
  • Seedlings have been planted around the edge of the lake and along the steep bank. Please observe the signs, stay off the area and allow the plants to grow.

Thank you for helping us ensure Black Diamond will be enjoyed for many years to come.


Both lakes have a slightly higher than usual pH and may cause skin irritation in some sensitive people. It is recommended that you avoid spending too long in the water.

As with any body of water, the possibility of the presence of the organism that causes amoebic meningitis is increased when the water temperature rises. Both Black Diamond and Stockton Lake are regularly tested and warnings will be posted at the lake if there is any cause for concern. It is recommended, as a precaution, that you keep you head above the and do not allow water to get up your nose. 

The Rapids have a rather special secret

The Rapids are the first stop along Lennard Drive in Wellington National Park, Collie WA and they have a rather special secret!

The Rapids on the Collie River below Wellington Dam

The Rapids

Follow the signs towards Honeymoon Pool from the Kiosk at the Dam and watch out for The Rapids sign on your right. The one way road is sealed all the way, so there is no need for 4WD. Lennard Drive winds it’s way along the river, affording some spectacular views of the river below. Remember to observe the speed limit and drive carefully. 
Swimming at The Rapids is not recommended. The rocks are slippery and there is a real risk of falls and injuries, but tucked away upstream is something rather special!

The Secret

When you leave the car park and head down towards the river, there is a track on your right heading past the toilet. If you follow the track you will come to an amazing pool where you can swim or kayak. There are steps down into the cool refreshing waters and the  water is so clear that you can see the bottom.
Picnic tables are provided, so pack some goodies and plan to stay a while. There are no bins in this area. Please remember to do the right thing and take all your rubbish home with you. The money that would be spent emptying bins can be put to better use providing other facilities instead.

The Secret Pool above the Rapids


You can’t camp at The Rapids, but there are camping facilities a short drive away at Honeymoon Pool and Potters Gorge. (Click here for bookings) But if you prefer a bit more comfort, the Collie River Valley Tourist Park have camping facilities, onsite cabins and piping hot showers.

Go to town

The town site of Collie is about 20 minutes away and boasts two 7 day supermarkets, 24/7 fuel, several historic pubs, some excellent modern cafes, history, art, museums, kids playgrounds, free water park and a huge camping store.

Little Rock – A favourite for families with little children

Little Rock is the third of four amazing spots along Lennard Drive in Wellington National Park, Collie WA and  a favourite with families with little children because of the calm shallow water and rock pools to explore.

Getting there

You will find Lennard Drive on the other side of the river from the Kiosk at the Dam. Follow the signs towards Honeymoon Pool and head down below the dam wall and across the river.  About 750m along Falcon Road you will see the sign for Lennard Drive. Little Rock is another three km along and well sign posted. The road is sealed all the way.

Bring a picnic

Whether you are camping at nearby Honeymoon Pool or Potters Gorge, or just visiting for the day, Little Rock is the perfect spot to bring a picnic all year round. Tables are provided in a nice sheltered clearing with views of the river.

We encourage visitors to take all their rubbish home with them, because bins are not provided. When ever the #visitcollie team have visited this area we have been surprised by the lack of rubbish left behind. It would be great if we could all keep it that way for every one to enjoy.

Make use of the facilities at the Kiosk

The last flushing toilets and running water are back at the Kiosk at the Dam and the road in is one way, so we recommend a pit stop at the Kiosk before heading out to Little Rock. There are long drops at the Rapids, but the next flushing toilets are at Honeymoon Pool.

The peaceful sounds of the bush

Running water, frogs and birds…

(Sorry about the wind on the camera microphone.)

The town of Collie…

…is only 20 minutes away and it’s well worth taking the drive in and having a look around town. There are two big supermarkets to stock up on food supplies and lots of places to sit for a while and enjoy some good food and even local wine. If you are interested in history the Coalfields Museum, Replica Coal Mine, Bill Weirs Rolling Stock Shed, the old steam engines at the Visitor Centre and the  old Collie Railway Station are all worth a visit. Check with the Collie Visitor Centre for directions and open times.
Central Park is popular for families as there is plenty of room to run around and even a free water playground for the warmer weather.

Collie River Valley Tourist Park – the perfect base to explore the Collie River Valley

OK, so the idea of camping and waking up to the sounds of birds and the bush, sounds great, but going to bed without a hot shower, not so great!

Photo: Rory McDonald

Have you considered the Collie River Valley Tourist Park, where they have piping hot showers and immaculately clean facilities, including camp kitchens, stocked with everything, including the kitchen sink?

Located in the country town of Collie, just two hours south of Perth’s southern suburbs, it is the perfect central point to discover some amazing places away from the crazy holiday crowds along the coast.

Check out the amazing blue lakes, Black Diamond and Stockton Lake where the waters shimmer iridescent blue in the sun. Photo: Annette Messenger
4b (2)
Grab a selfie at Black Diamond to upload to Instagram!
Steves (2)
Take a day trip to Wellington National Park and visit the famous Honeymoon Pool or find a spot away from the crowds at the pool above The Rapids or Long Pool, another great selfie spot!
Allow enough time to walk one of the trails that meander through the park. The Jabitj Trail follows the river and there are several spots where you can stop to cool off or just enjoy the spectacular scenery.
Head over to Donnybrook for the day and take the kids to the Apple Fun Park, possibly the biggest playground you have ever seen. While you are there, visit one of the local fruit growers and purchase some fresh fruit straight off the tree!
Minningup Pool
Perhaps a lazy day at Minninup Pool, only a hop, skip and jump from the caravan park? Fill the esky with some culinary delights from The Colliefields, WAGON 537 or JAX-Diner and spend the day relaxing under the trees on the banks of the Collie river in between swimming in the cool waters.
Looking for a bit of style? Take a run out to Harris River Estate Winery, only 5 minutes from the caravan park. Enjoy some lunch on the balcony and sample their exquisite, award winning wines, beers and ales.
Low res skiing2
Wanting a bit more action? Take the ski boat down to Glen Mervyn and try some laps around the dam or hire a bike from the caravan park and check out some of the amazing trails in the area.

Food and history

For lunch try The Colliefields, Jax Diner or Wagon 537

At night, you can choose between a traditional pub feed, some excellent international cuisines, including 8 Thai Ladies or the usual fast food fixes.

A visit to CRV is not complete without calling into Collie Canvas and Camping World. The staff are super helpful and they have a huge range of products available.

Check out the Collie Art Gallery and Coalfields Museum & Historical Research Centre or browse the shops. There is always something to do in the Collie River Valley.

Long Pool – soon to be the new Instagram hot spot!

Long Pool is the last of four magnificent swimming and pic-nic spots along Lennard Drive in the Wellington National Park near Collie, WA and if you are looking for a spot away from the crowds, this could be it!

Long Pool

Last year a photographer took a picture and labelled it Honeymoon Pool. You have likely seen the picture circulating around Facebook or Instagram, but it is actually Long Pool, a couple of km upstream from the famous Honeymoon Pool.

Long Pool is plenty big enough for swimming and kayaking and there are steps down into the cool waters.

Weeping peppermint trees, grace the banks and the waters shimmer blue and green, reflecting the sky and surrounding bush.

Lennard Drive

Lennard Drive is a sealed road, winding it’s way through some spectacular forest with amazing views of the river below. Look out for the Lennard Drive sign on your right after crossing the river below the dam.

Long Pool is well signed and you won’t have any trouble finding it.

The road is one way, so when you reach River Road at the end you can either turn right and go down to Honeymoon Pool or turn left and head into Collie or the Ferguson valley.

Pack a pic-nic

Pic-nic tables are provided, so pack some goodies and an esky of cold drinks and sit back under the trees and relax in between refreshing swims in the cool waters of the pool. Bring the flamingo and grab that perfect Instagram shot while you are here.


You can’t camp at Long Pool, but there is camping at Potters Gorge above the dam and Honeymoon Pool further down stream from Long Pool. You will need to book your site online before heading into the park as there is limited internet service in the area. To book go to

If you prefer a hot shower at the end of the day and a proper flushing toilet the Collie River Tourist Park is a perfect central point to discover the secrets of the Collie River Valley. They even offer a Pitch and Pack service, where they provide the tent or camper trailer and put it up and take it down for you. You just need to bring your own linen, food an clothes.

Heading into town

The supermarkets and petrol stations are open 7 days a week in Collie in case you need to stock up on fresh food. There is a fantastic camping shop that is well worth a visit too. The staff know their stuff and have a huge range of products on offer.

Check out the map

Long Pool is not yet marked on Google Maps and Lennard Drive is not named either for some reason, but you will find it easily between Falcon Road near the Dam and River Road near Honeymoon Pool.