About Us!

The Vision.

Back in 2017 we had a vision. The Collie River Valley needed a strong voice to shout loudly with vivid images and vibrant stories, describing in detail where to go, and the adventures that await when you get there! We had watched places like Black Diamond rocket to fame through Social Media and hoped we could achieve the same for the entire Collie River Valley, so on September 19th 2017 the Why I #visitcollie Facebook Page was born.

Minninup Pool, where the locals head to on a hot summers day.

The Early Days

We had no idea back then, how the page would take off and the adventures it would take us on.

From day one Why I #visitcollie has been a huge success. Throughout the first year, each week we gained 100 new followers and reached over 25,000 people, with 30% of those people engaging with the page by liking, commenting or sharing posts.

Potters Gorge – An amazing campsite on the waters of Wellington Dam


We were working as volunteers, without any sort of payment and completely independent of any other group or organization, but despite repeatedly asking ourselves why we devoted all our spare time to taking photos and writing articles, we kept going.

Long Pool, where the shimmering water changes colour as the sun moves across the sky

A New Project

6 months after we set up the Facebook page, we decided to add a website. We had no experience in website building, but after a brief workshop and with the aid of You Tube we went to work. On April 1st 2018 www.visitcollie.com.au was launched. It was received with the same enthusiasm as the Facebook page.

We have since added Instagram and a You Tube channel.

Honeymoon Pool – One of the best known attractions in the Collie River Valley 

Meet the team.

Steve Roney is a heavy plant operator in mining, and with a four days on, four days off roster, he manages to find time to get out and take photos of the amazing places in the Collie River Valley. He also runs a small graphic arts business, Chameleon Creative and has put his creative skills to use on many occasions. He is responsible for much of the artwork used on the Facebook page and website.

Kim Fawcett works part time in Social Media Marketing and has put her skills and knowledge of all the free features of Facebook to good use. Having always loved bush walking, bike riding and camping she has had no trouble finding an excuse to try out the amazing array of trails and campsites in the Collie River Valley.

The #visitcollie crew checking out the new Wiilman Bilya Trail in Wellington National Park
Photo – Holly Fisher

An Amazing Journey!

It’s been an incredible journey and we have met and worked with some amazing people. We have ridden and hiked trails, explored museums and art galleries, sampled some amazing food, taken a trillion photos and had a blast!

But the best part has been seeing the town filled with cars, loaded up with camping gear, mountain bikes and kayaks and seeing their stories and photos shared across Facebook.

Stockton Lake – Secret no more!

What next?

Well, the word is out! Collie is an amazing place, but we still have a bit of work to do and look enthusiastically to the future when the development at Black Diamond and Lake Kepwari is complete.

The Collie River Valley is about to get even better!

A special thank you.

Although we have covered most of the expenditure out of our own pockets, we would like to thank our wonderful sponsors, represented below, who have assisted us to cover some of the bigger expenses. Without your ongoing support #visitcollie would not be.