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Why I #visitcollie was initially created back in September  2017 as a Facebook page to help spread the word about our stunning natural attractions and to promote our town and its local businesses.

We recognised the Collie River Valley needed a strong voice to shout loudly with vivid images and vibrant stories, describing in detail where to go, and the adventures that await when you get here!

For decades Collie has been known for its coal mining and power generation, but it’s finally breaking free of its industrial town stereotype and sharing its secrets with the world.

Collie locals are proud of their heritage and the role it played in the development of Western Australia. Evidence of this can be seen throughout the town in the lovingly preserved historic buildings and the fantastic collections of mining and rail history on display at the various museums and around the town.


As we look forward to a new era, we see tourism emerging as a prominent part of the future. In the short time Why I #visitcollie has been operating, we have shared our favourite camping sites and swimming holes with our visitors and introduced them to the growing network of tracks and trails that lace the countryside.

We proudly show off our stunning new town centre with Central Park and the Collie Art Gallery as the centre piece.

But in early March 2018 we commenced work on a new project that would assist us to spread the word to an even wider audience and on the first of April we proudly launched our new website www.visitcollie.com.au

We will continue to use social media to share our website content and look forward to the flexibility and features only a website can deliver.

We are excited about our new adventure and warmly welcome our guests to enjoy everything that is the Collie River Valley.