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Less than an hour from Collie, you will find the historic Quindanning Hotel. Ice cold beer, great food and a fantastic atmsophere all in a 118 year old building.
Collie is home to some truly unique swimming spots, including several spectacular river pools, the amazing Blue Lakes and the famous Honeymoon Pool.
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The Wiilman Bilya Trail is 20 km long and starts at Potters Gorge. It winds its way through some magnificent Black Butt and Jarrah forest, over huge moss covered granite out crops and ends at the Coalfields Hwy.
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The Colliefields
Collie River Valley Tourist Park are known for their immaculate facilities and friendly helpful staff. They are pet friendly as well!
The ultimate, intimate camping spot. Your own secluded site nestled in the forest only a short stroll from the famous Honeymoon Pool.
Mucky Pups Dog Wash takes all the hassel out of bath time. And the best part is they are open 24/7!
Lennard Drive low res
Lennard Drive is a one way road, following the river down stream from the Wellington Dam and offers some stunning scenery and four great picnic/swimming spots along the way.
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Top 10 Kayaking Spots in the Collie River Valley!
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King Jarrah - King of the forrest
COLLIE RIVER VALLEY TOURIST PARK - The perfect base to explore the Collie River Valley
Collie is home to several amazing blue lakes, but currently only two of them are open to the public; Black Diamond and the bigger but lesser known, Stockton Lake.
It's pet friendly, you can swim, ski, camp right on the water's edge and it's all FREE!
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Did someone say camping?
Minninup Pool3
Located on a bend on the Collie River, just out of town Minninup Pool has been a favourite spot to cool off on a hot day for generations.
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A cheap, easy method to clean a cast iron camp oven.
Little Rock is the third of four amazing spots along Lennard Drive in Wellington National Park, Collie WA and a favourite with families with little children because of the calm shallow water and rock pools to explore.
Art Gallery 1
The Collie Art Gallery was opened in 2015 and is the only purpose built, A Class Gallery to be built in WA, since the Art Gallery of WA was opened in the 1970’s.
With a huge range of bikes and spares and bucket loads of local knowledge, Crank'n Cycles Collie is one place you mustn't miss.
For all those who travel with pets!
Big Rock lower pool - low res
Big Rock is the second stop along Lennard Dr and offers great fun for all ages.
The Track - MundAl 4x3
900 kms of adventure, starting in Mundaring and ending in Albany
A little east of Collie, on the edge of the wheatbelt sit places you’ve never heard of, like Bowelling, Duranillin and Moodiarrup. They’ve kept a secret from us for years – it’s called Lake Towerrinning and its glorious!
Jabitj Trail - Hike
With room for the biggest caravans and motor homes Potters Gorge is a winner! Clean facilites, gas BBQs, campers kitchens and all over looking the Wellington Dam.
The Karak Trail - Bike or Hike
The Rapids low res
The Rapids on Lennard Dr, Wellington National Park have a rather special secret
Our Best Day Trips Series continues with a gorgeous drive through Orchard and Wine country. We pick up some fresh fruit from the roadside and end up at possibly Australia’s biggest FREE playground
Nestled amongst the weeping peppermint trees, lining the banks of the Collie River lies the famous Honeymoon Pool camp ground. This site is best suited to tents and camper vans.
Kiosk @ the Dam
True waterside camping, cheap as chips, pet friendly and that azure blue water! Absolute perfection.
A genuine old railway wagon, serving amazing coffee, light meals and snacks. Conveniently located in Central Park.
Four totally different, but totally amazing places to explore along Lennard Drive in Wellington National Park, Collie WA
Honeymoon Pool picnic
Nearly RV Friendly
With only room for seven tents and right on the banks of the river, this campground is a kayakers heaven.
Wagyl Biddi
The Wagyl Biddi - MTB
The Sika Trail - Bike or Hike
A Weekend Away
Kurliiny Tjenangitj - Bike or Hike
Mt Lennard 4x4
Winter Wonderland
Rays Trail - MTB
Coalfields Muesum Old Raod Board Building 1900s low res
The Coalfields Museum is an absolute treasure trove of historical artifacts and every day items, giving a rare insight into life in Collie in days gone by.
Bibb Track
The Bibbulmun Track - Hike
Colliefields Trail Friendly
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Holiday Shenanigans
Collie Motorplex
Scenic Drive