Campfire Damper

Damper is a campfire staple and so easy to make. Once you have mastered basic damper, you can vary the recipe to make is sweet or savoury simply by adding different ingredients.

Light your fire a good hour before cooking, because you want lots of coals and not much flame to cook on. You can build the fire up quicker by adding small pieces of wood, rather than larger pieces. Once you have a good layer of coals you are ready to start cooking. Avoid adding additional wood during the cooking time so that the temperature stays fairly constant.

You will need four cups of Self Raising Flour, two cups of water and a splash of oil. These quantities can be varied to make a larger or smaller loaf. Just stick to four measures of flour and two of water. 

Mix the flour and water with a little splash of oil. The dough should be just a little bit sticky. If it is too dry, your damper will be crumbly and if it is too wet the damper will be heavy and doughy. Sprinkle the dough with a little flour and knead lightly until it forms a nice round loaf shape.

Lightly oil a cast iron camp oven and place the dough in the oven. You can put a trivet on the bottom of the oven if you like to help stop it burning on the bottom.

Place the oven in the coals or just above them and carefully scoop some glowing coals onto the lid. Leave it for about half an hour and you will have a lovely round loaf of damper. You can use it like bread and make a sandwich or butter it hot, but our favourite is drizzling golden syrup over it!

Once you have mastered basic damper, you can add all sorts of other things. Make it savoury and add diced bacon, sun dried tomatoes and cheese or or sweet and add choc pieces or dried fruit.



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