Golden Crust Bakery Cart

Can you remember the days when fresh bread was delivered to the door each day?


My memories are of a bright red Tip Top motorized delivery van. Mum used to leave the money in the meter box, if she wasn’t going to be home and the baker would take the money and leave the bread. Can you imagine that these days?

The Horse

In Collie, up until 1964 householders had their bread delivered to their homes by horse and cart. The driver would put several loaves in his basket and deliver them to about three houses on one side of the street and then cross over to the other side and do the same there. The horse knew the route and would just meander along while the driver delivered the bread. It was pretty slow going in those days. The deliveries started around 7.45 am and finished around 4 pm.

The Museum

The original Golden Crust Bakery horse drawn cart is on display at the #CoalfieldsMuseum in Collie.
You will find the museum on Throssell St, opposite the Collie Visitor Centre. It is open Thursday to Monday from 10 am to 3 pm.
Entry is $5 each, but on school holidays, kids are free!


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