The Amazing Blue Lakes – Stockton Lake and Black Diamond

Collie is home to several amazing blue lakes, but currently only two of them are open to the public; Black Diamond and the bigger but lesser known, Stockton Lake.

The lakes are old open cut coal mines that have since filled with water.  Rimmed with white limestone cliffs and the most amazing blue water they are really quite a stunning sight!

Stockton Lake

Stockton Lake is the bigger, but less known of the two and can be found 10 km east of Collie on the Collie/Darkan Rd.

Camping is permitted and although it does get very busy on school holidays and long weekends, at other times you can often get a spot close to the water.  There is nothing quite like waking up to the amazing view out over the lake.
You don’t need to book and there is plenty of room for the biggest motor homes. Camping fees are collected daily by the ranger. Adults $11, cons $7 and children $3 per person, per night. 

Toilets are provided, but no showers or power, so you do need to be a bit self sufficient. The road is sealed all the way to the campground. Fires are permitted in the cooler weather only. Check the signs at the entrance. Huge fines apply for out of season campfires.

The lake is popular for swimming, kayaking and skiing, although currently the boat ramp is closed and we are unsure when it will be reopened. (People have been launching boats at other locations, but do so at their own risk)

Pets are welcome at Stockton Lake, but it is highly recommended that they are kept on a lead at all times due to 1080 baiting being carried out nearby. 

Black Diamond

Smaller than Stockton Lake, Black Diamond has become one of the most Instagramed places in WA in recent years. The amazing blue water makes the perfect back drop for a selfie or group photo to add to the album.

People do not realize but the eastern half of the lake is on private property and the the land owners right to privacy should be respected.

Black Diamond is a day use only area and anyone setting up camp will be asked to move on and possibly issued a fine. Click here for camping options. Fires are not allowed at any time at Black Diamond.

But…, bring the picnic and the floatie and grab that shot for Instagram! 

If you don’t want to go to the bother of packing your own picnic, Collie has some amazing cafes and pubs where you can grab a light, healthy snack or full on feed. We love The Colliefields, Wagon 537 and the Federal Hotel Collie.

Can you help us?

The increased number of visitors in recent years has put Black Diamond under considerable environmental pressure. Human waste and rubbish left behind, risks contamination to the water and the trampling of areas undergoing re-vegetation is a concern. Here are a few ways you can help take the pressure off the lake.

  • The nearest public toilets can be found at the oval in the nearby town of Allanson; please use them and not the area around the lake.
  • Plan to take all your rubbish home with you or place it in the skip bins provided.
  • Seedlings have been planted around the edge of the lake and along the steep bank. Please observe the signs, stay off the area and allow the plants to grow.

Thank you for helping us ensure Black Diamond will be enjoyed for many years to come.


Both lakes have a slightly higher than usual pH and may cause skin irritation in some sensitive people. It is recommended that you avoid spending too long in the water.

As with any body of water, the possibility of the presence of the organism that causes amoebic meningitis is increased when the water temperature rises. Both Black Diamond and Stockton Lake are regularly tested and warnings will be posted at the lake if there is any cause for concern. It is recommended, as a precaution, that you keep you head above the and do not allow water to get up your nose. 

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