The incredible Lennard Drive – Wellington National Park

If there is a more scenic drive in the Collie River Valley, we’ll eat our hat!

Lennard Drive is a one way, sealed road that extends from the bottom of the Dam wall in the Wellington National Park to River Road. Along this gorgeous winding route you’ll come across four stunning locations, all well signposted and including a small area to safely park your vehicle.

We highly recommend starting your visit to Wellington Dam by stopping in at the Kiosk, this hub is run by Diane and Stephen and they are a wealth of knowledge on all things “Welly Dam”. From the Kiosk you’ll follow the one way road down a winding section to the bottom of the dam wall. A small parking area after the bridge offers somewhere to stop and enjoy the view. Continuing on, keep an eye out for Lennard Drive on your right.

The Rapids, as the name suggests, is a fast moving section of the Collie river that rushes over granite rocks through the lush forest. This is the first spot on the drive you’ll come across.  We were given a word of caution on this location as it is very fast moving and potentially hazardous. Perhaps not suitable for people with small children. The Rapids features a toilet building, the only one we spotted during our visit along the drive. However there is a toilet block back at the Kiosk.

Continuing on Lennard Drive, Big Rock is next. By this time the river has slowed a little and enters the pool at a more civilized pace. Pouring over the huge granite floor  which rises up out of the water and creates a perfect picnic spot long the banks, this is more suited for older kids than the Rapids. Featuring an inviting shaded picnic table it really is something magic.

Back in the car and a short drive further ahead, following the river below, we arrive at Little Rock. We’re met by a convenient parking spot and a pram friendly path leading to the picnic area and then onto the waters edge. The river has settled now, and is cruising along nicely. Little rock is ideal for smaller children. The sloping granite banks are gentler and the water is far slower moving; pooling at the banks in a shallow section, then cascading over rocks into a deeper adjacent pool.

Little Rock

Our final stop on this adventure is the stunning Long Pool. From the parking area we follow the path, down the steps and into the shaded picnic area. Featuring three picnic tables at the waters edge, this spot is ideally suited to adults or older kids. The view of the waters edge is partially blocked by bushes, making it a gorgeous secluded and romantic location however difficult to watch over the littler ones. The water is accessed by a timber platform and steps with hand rails. The water is so clear its easy to see the bottom.

Not far from Long pool we reach the end of Lennard Drive. The “T” intersection offers a right turn onto River Rd which takes us over a bridge crossing the river and into Honeymoon Pool. From here you may continue on River Road back onto Wellington Dam road which is the entry and exit road to the National Park.

This drive is truly breathtaking, four terrific picnic and swimming spots in a row, a jaw dropping drive in between and mid week you’ll likely have it all to yourself. Please follow the signage in the area, show caution with kids near the waters edge and please take all your rubbish home as we did not see any bins along the drive. 

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