Today we ride the Karak Trail!

The Karak Trail (Noongar word for the red-tailed black cockatoo) is accessible to walkers, cyclists, families with prams, wheelchairs and gophers, with rubbish bins and seating dotted along its length. It is a 3.5km tarmacked path that starts west of the Collie Cemetery and meanders through the lovely state forest to end in Allanson on Ferguson Road.

It is a beautiful walk any time of the year with birds singing in the tall jarrah, marri and paperbark trees lining the path and in the Spring there is a wonderful display of wildflowers, especially the lovely kangaroo paw which is much larger and vividly coloured compared to it’s garden counterpart.

Karak Trail - Perfect for Families!

Perfect for Families.

Today we threw the MTB and scooter in the back of the ute and headed out to the trail. Convenient parking right at the trail head, means its super quick to get in the saddle and get going. At the Collie end of the trail there’s a bin and dog waste bags if our four legged friend was to join us. Also we take heed of the warning sign, keep an eye out for snakes in the warmer months.

As the introduction states, the trail is 3.5km long, it has however been extended recently to include the township of Allanson, home of Black Diamond Lake. The path is in great condition, it should be, its near on brand new. Dual use and well maintained it’s a leisurely cycle adjacent to Coalfields highway. A slight down hill ride west and the opposite when returning towards town.

The trail is perfect for all fitness levels and age groups. There are park benches dotted along the path every few hundred meters, ideal for a breather or a drink of water if need be.

Convenient Park Benches along the Trail

Towards the end of the trail, you’ll come across the turn off for the Scenic Drive. This 7km of unsealed road takes you past some gorgeous sections of the Collie River and terminates at Mungalup Rd. A stones throw from the gorgeous Minninup Pool. From here it is approximately 3km back into the Collie CBD.

Alternatively you may like to continue on and take the next left after the Scenic Drive (Ferguson Rd) and arrive at Black Diamond Lake.

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Black Diamond

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