We tackle the Mount Lennard 4×4 Track!

Introducing the Mount Lennard $WD track, open for day use only, with the trail head located at the Honeymoon Pool end of Lennard Drive. A great track with stunning views from the elevated summit.



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A 4×4, day use only track, closed seasonally to prevent erosion and disease spread – particularly Jarrah Dieback (phytophthora).

Make full use of your day in the Wellington National Park by stopping in at Kiosk at the Dam on your way past. Proprietors Stephen & Diane are welcoming and very knowledgeable about the Park and full of information. Stock up on their tasty offerings before heading off down Lennard Drive, a one way, single lane sealed road. Keep watch for the signposted picnic and swimming spots along the way as they are definitely worth a stop.

At the end of Lennard Drive, opposite the T Junction, you’ll find the trail head.
The track starts off fairly tame, then the challenge increases as you progress. There are some breath taking views along this track with access to the Collie river in a few places. The track itself is pretty fun to tackle, as it’s in hilly country.

Enjoy and as always follow good 4×4 etiquette and safety guidelines.

*Stick to the track
*Preserve the track
*Avoid damaging Flora and Fauna
*Wash your vehicle, paying attention to underneath to avoid spreading Dieback and weed seeds

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