Wildflowers October

The wattle is about finished for this year, but there is no shortage of colour smattering the undergrowth in October!

 Coalfields Hwy

Pink, orange and yellow Pea flowers growing in the reseeded area along the newer part of the Coalfields Hwy

Red and Green Kangaroo Paws making a stunning display along the Coalfields Hwy

 Collie Visitor Centre

Scented pink Boronia can be found in the Collie Visitor Centre gardens

These Geraldton Wax flowers have been blooming for weeks

 Griffin Bridge

You will find the bridge and a small parking area just off Mungalup Rd.

We are not sure what these tiny white flowers are called

Pretty white Myrtle with a hint of pink

A simple white Tea Tree growing along the river near the Griffin Bridge

Stunning orange Hibbertia

Harris River Road

This vivid blue Leschenaultia is prolific along Harris River Road

Not sure that these delightful looking pink and white flowers are natives, but they are definitely very pretty

Mornington Road

These sunny yellow Hibbertias can be found all along Mornington Road

The pretty white Pimeleas are actually made up of dozens of tiny flowers

Another amazing Pea flower. This one has loads of tiny yellow blooms on a tall stem

Minninup Pool

The classic red and Green Kangaroo paw can be found in many places in the CRV

Another stunning pea flower

Vibrant yellow Hibbertias can be found almost everywhere in the Collie River Valley

If you follow the track from Minninup Pool to Sandy and take the middle track to loop back to where you began, (just keep to your right) you will find these shiny purple Enamel Orchids along the side of the track.

You will have to look carefully to find the dainty Spider Orchids

You will find these spiky blooms along the banks of the river near the toilets

Cowslip Orchids are quite common along the track near Minninup Pool

Town Centre

Native hibiscus growing near the railway footbridge

Lovely frilly pink tea tree

Wellington National Park

We think this is a white Pimelea. It is growing prolifically throughout the National Park, especially along Lennard Drive.

There are numerous flowers belonging to the Pea family growing in WNP. This one has a broad prickly leaf.

Another delicate Pea flower with contrasting pink and orange petals

Stunning yellow Hibbertia

More vivid pink and orange Pea flowers, growing near Long Pool.

We are unsure what this delicate ballerina is called.

We found this Pea growing near Long Pool

Another prickly leaf Pea flower. This time the petals are yellow and burgundy

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